Electoral Reform Act 2016 Edit

One of the first acts of the Social Democrats was to attempt to reform the political boundaries of the nation by reducing the number of Representatives in the Parcel Islands to just one (down from two).

The House of Representative vote was as follows:

Party Total Representatives Aye Nay Abstain
Social Democratic Party* 33 33
People's Party 24 24
Ecology Party 4 4
Speaker 1 1
Vote Count 62 33 28

The Act passed in the House of Representatives and so was sent to the Senate for confirmation.

The Senate vote was as follows:


Total Senators Aye Nay Abstain
Social Democratic Party* 5 5
People's Party 4 4
Ecology Party 2 2
Speaker 1 1
Vote Count 12 5 6 1

The Act failed in the Senate thanks to a lack of support from the ecology party, who were dependent on the Parcel Islands for both their Senators and Representatives.

The Act was swiftly dropped from the frontline of the Social Democrat's agenda, but it was let slip that the bill would be scheduled for a revote at a later date.

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